Neralu - Bengaluru Tree Festival, Feb 18-19 2017

We are excited to announce Neralu 2017, scheduled for 18th and 19th Feb 2017, in Bengaluru. This year, the events will reach out to more neighbourhoods of our lovely city, be it through tree walks or activities. Neralu 2017 promises all Bengalureans a celebration of trees. Banni, enjoy maadi!


Feb 7, 2017: Neralu Schedule is live:
Jan 14, 2017: Neralu School Project:-
Jan 12, 2017: Neralu 2017 announced

We are crowdfunded

48 donors
(seedfund from Neralu 2015)
raised of 1,78,000 target
Thank you, Bengaluru!

Neralu 2015

Through games and drama, stories and art, music and dance, yoga and films, and even a conversation with trees, we celebrated trees in every way we could think of. Continue reading here.