22 Jan

Discover Avenue Trees by Karthikeyan S


Discover Avenue Trees  by  Karthikeyan S.

Publisher : EcoEdu Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
No. of pages – 130 : Size – Pocket size



About the publishers

Ecoedu is a collective effort of a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds sharing common interests in wildlife and environment. In addition to the contribution towards building awareness and sensitizing a large number of children and general public about wildlife and environment, their efforts have led to various conservation programmes and initiatives, including this book.

About the Book

Trees are an important aspect of an urban landscape. They provide shade, colour, and visual relief; not to mention fresh air, moderation of temperature and other not so easily measured services. Numerous living creatures depend on the trees for their survival too. Thus, trees form an important and irreplaceable component of the urban scenario.

However, we are in an era when the stress is on “developing” the city. Anything that comes in the way of this development is often laid waste. In a situation like this, it was thought apt to awaken, among people, the latent pride and interest in the trees that they adored and nurtured less than a generation ago.

Discover Avenue Trees was conceptualized and realized to meet this end as an illustrated low-cost popular material. This booklet deals with 50 species of avenue trees, each with colourful images and information of popular interest. There are also nuggets of natural history observations made by the author.

 About the Author

Karthikeyan S., known to most as Karthik, has nurtured a deep love and respect for natural history for three decades. As a naturalist, his interest includes flora and fauna. He is in particular fascinated by flowering trees. An avid birdwatcher, Karthik emphasizes the inter relation between trees, birds, insects and other life forms. He has photographed a wide variety of subjects including flowering trees, spiders, landscapes, wild flowers, lesser mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and other insects. Many of these images have been used in publications of natural history.  He has several technical publications to his credit as well. He shares his experiences in the wilderness of his home and across the country on his blog called www.wildwanderer.com.

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