MN Krishna Rao Park, Basavanagudi

7:30 AM to 10:00 AM - Feb 8, 2015
January 19, 2015 / Anush Shetty

MN Krishna Rao Park, which is only a stone’s throw from its elder brother Lalbagh, is one of the old parks in the city, housing some of the most beautiful trees with large canopies. Named after late MN Krishna Rao, Dewan of Mysore who had donated Rs 20,000 to setup the park, the park is a haven for the residents of Basavanagudi who walk, jog, exercise and play in its vast premises beneath the giant canopies. With a strong, well-knit walker’s association, the residents and the park users help with the management and improving facilities within the park.

The Neralu Tree Festival is celebrating the trees in MN Krishna Rao Park in association with the residents, for whom this park is as important as their homes.

Some events planned at the park are —

  1. Nature Journalling Workshop for Children
  2. Yoga Under the Trees
  3. Nature Mural Project
  4. Tree Walks
  5. Games
  6. Storytelling