Neralu 2017 School Project

January 9, 2017 / Team Neralu

Neralu invites your school to participate in Bengaluru’s tree festival, and to engage your students in exciting projects to explore the world of trees.

The activities are designed to stimulate students to experience and explore the flora around them. It imbibes in them a level of curiosity, and allows them to appreciate the diversity of life and an infinite variety of species that they are surrounded by. Such enriching experiences result in rich discussions and conversations, making children better observers of what surrounds them, and developing their connection with nature.

Neralu School Project

We encourage schools in the city to involve themselves and their students, pick a suitable activity from the list provided, and execute it with the help of students, teachers and parents. Document the progress, with the activities carried out over a period of time, and share the beautiful work with us. Let us work as a community to help students build an appreciation for nature at an early age, and in turn, foster their physical and intellectual growth.

The activities will help bring students outdoors and appreciate trees, thereby enabling them to observe and record the diversity of life. It is a hands-on activity and makes learning more fun.

To participate, here are a few simple steps →

  • From the list below, select the activity that you would like to execute at your school.
    1. Tree Scrapbook (Download PDF)
    2. Adopt a Tree (Download PDF)
    3. Diversity of Life (Download PDF)
    4. Measure the Tree (Download PDF)
    5. Value of a Tree (Download PDF)
    6. Tree census (Download PDF)
    7. Tree Poster Collage (Download PDF)
    8. Build a Tree (Download PDF)
    9. Paint a Tree Mural (Download PDF)
    10. Plant a Tree (Download PDF)
  • Register your school at and fill in the essential details within the registration page.
  • Execute the project, document the process, and email a write-up with photographs to
  • Teachers will be briefed on the last date of submission on Jan 28th during the gathering.
  • For the activities Tree Poster Collage and Tree Scrapbook, two entries from each school can be submitted to be displayed at various Neralu venues.
  • Selected entries will be featured on the Neralu website.


Tree Walks for Students

We are delighted to announce tree walks that will be led by passionate field botanists, naturalists, and tree experts. These tree walks will introduce students to historical, cultural and ecological stories of the avenue trees of Bengaluru, while facilitating the identification and discovery of our city’s green heritage, the roles played by avenue trees, and the inter-dependencies of species in biodiversity. We encourage up to 10 students from each school to participate in the tree walk.

Tree resources:

To participate in either of these two activities, please register by filling the form below to confirm your participation. The last date for registration is 27th Jan 2017.  If you have any further queries, do get in touch with Sreeguru Aithal (+91-89518-11725) or email us at